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The Griffin House at Greenwood Cove
Simply relax... and bask in the ocean breeze

" What a magical place - the starlight, the ocean waves and the wonderful smell of wood smoke. We're on our way north today, but could happily stay here longer. This place is bliss. "

" Last night we sat inside the window box with pillows and blanket and watched the meteor shower at about 3:00 am. Some flashes were so bright it looked like a lightening storm. The Griffin house is a winner...Debussy at dawn and breakfast! "

" My husband and I came here on our 5th anniversary - what a perfect place to ponder and take stock of the past five years and dream about the future. Thanks to the crashing waves, views, crackling stove and cozy bed, we had the most perfect Northern California experience. "

"What an amazing place to wake up. Not a more spectacular view can be found. I will return to enjoy the Griffin House -- an enchanted place."

" I am delighted to add our words of praise & thanksgiving for the unique, delightful and memorable time I've spent here. The thoughtfulness, all one could need, the fires, the tub, the service, the breakfasts, and, of course, the ocean... "

" What a wonderful way to start the new year! Charming, cozy, and breathtaking view. This place is wonderful. The staff is very considerate - Jeff the bartender is a piece of work! We'll be back in a few months to recharge and relax. "

" From the moment we arrived, only one word could describe this experience - perfect. The setting, accommodations, weather, people and timing were just ideal. Thank you so much for your help. This has been a two-day slice of heaven. "

" What a lovely way to spend the long weekend and celebrate our 67th birthdays. This spot is not just for young lovers! "
J & M ~

" It was dark when we checked into this little house of perfection - could make out some rocks and a cove, and the sea was busy! Dinner served to our table, wine and reading in front of the stove - a glorious night! "

" I watch the beautiful stars twinkle in the night. The milky way floating across my very eyes. "

" We love the simple pleasures and beauty these long weekends in Elk give us. It rejuvenates the body, mind & soul. "

" It's been ten years since we have been to Griffin House with the view and the quiet. A wonderful place to consider life's decisions and to count how many wonderful things we have in our lives. Twelve years of marriage, two wonderful children (and a third coming?) and we still love each other. "

" This little cottage - whatever you want. Bathtubs with ocean views slowed us down perfectly. Did the horseback riding at Manchester Beach. Sunbathing at every beach we could get to. There's nothing like a good draft beer brought to your room - unless it is a good breakfast! The staff here are so kind - probably the nicest thing of all. "

" The Matson cottage is shared by us with so many others before who experienced the calm & the relaxation of this wonderful place. I'm thankful for our time here. To all of you who read this, take time to stop and appreciate all you have and enjoy the peace offered to you here. "

" It's our second night and our first stay at The Griffin House. We love it. The cabin has everything we need: a bed, a claw foot tub, a wood burning stove but most of all the ocean just outside the glass door. It couldn't have been a better time. It was very therapeutic. Thanks for everything. "

" Happy 1st year + 1 day anniversary! Noticed that there are a lot of couples who spend their first anniversary here. Great view. Sound of the ocean...of course fireplace and breakfast! It was a great treat. Thanks for the hospitality. We won't forget it for the rest of our lives. "
J & M ~

" We watched the sun sink softly and gracefully into the sea
The birds cried their song of freedom gratefully
The whole world was spinning
The whole world and me
The stars still shone at daybreak
And the moon still hung above
I only asked for a new day
And now its a new day with my love "

" Today we are more on love than ever. Mendocino, the wine tasting, bubble baths and drinks on the deck...what more can you ask for? This place holds a very special place in our hearts. Looking forward to the next time we are here to experience a little piece of heaven again! Thanks Griffin House for everything - this place is something else! "

" I highly recommend staying here. Go ahead and hike down to the beach, eat supper "here in town," and browse the paperback classics for a dollar across the street but spend the bulk of your time here. Make love, bathe, slurp wine, snuggle & scrabble...for when check out time arrives you will feel a kinship. "
J & J ~

" The tub in here is a hoot, especially if you haven't taken a bathtub bath since you were a kid. Quite the splishy-splashy comedy, in a very fun way. It seems redundant to say how beautiful it is here. I can't help but be sad I don't live here. I mean including the breakfasts, firewood deliveries, housekeeping & wine & tea & flowers of course! This was our Christmas present to each other and much better than any object we could have given each other. You can do no wrong here. "
B & S ~

" Life is a journey, not a destination! It is as beautiful as ever. A storm passed through last night. How ironic that we felt so comfortable together with the wrath of the sea at our doorstep and 30mph wind gusts over our humble abode. It cleared up this morning to the bark of sea lions and hummingbird wing-flutters. So tranquil. So wonderful. "

" We have been busy enjoying each moment of our magical stay. This was a weekend we will never forget. "
K & K ~

JUNG: "Took us 3 days to get here: We got married at Churchill Manor, spent the night there. After breakfast we set out with our backpacks to the surprise of our friends and relatives. They wanted to drive us part of the way but it had always been our dream to walk to the coast on our honeymoon. The "just married" sign our friends and relatives hung between our backpacks kept us within a few feet of each other. Quite a few people stopped and offered us rides, to which we regrettably declined. Our packs got lighter as we ran low on food. This morning, breakfast was the trout I caught last night. Katie didn't like bony fish, but she seemed to enjoy it."

KATIE: "My take on the story is a little different, of course! I wanted to accept the rides, but as it had always been Jung's dream to backpack to the coast, I felt I should help him fulfill his dream. I think that making me eat raw trout was beyond the bounds of reasonability and so we are staying here instead of staying on the beach as Jung wanted. I think its a fair compromise, and when the helicopter comes to get us in a few days, I know I will have enjoyed my stay here at Griffin House the best! "

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